shower2pet Shower2PetHouse  front view
shower2pet Shower2PetHouse  front view shower2pet Shower2PetHouse front view

Shower2PetHouses are built of environmentally sustainable materials, with the utmost respect for the environment. Through the use of solar panels we aim to become energy independent. The materials of which they are constructed allow for excellent thermal insulation. They offer the possibility of being easily washed and sanitized. The dimensions of the environment are very generous (2m*3m 6m2) so as to offer ample room to maneuver in the care of your dog.

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The Bathtub

Stoneware bathtub to ensure maximum hygiene and cleanliness that allows you to wash dogs in comfort thanks to a washing area of 130CmX70Cm, with a maximum supportable weight of 300Kg. The tub is equipped with a sliding door. The available accessories are: a sprayer with adjustable jet, an exhaust filter for hair and two leashes.


The Hair Dryer

The available hair dryer is equipped with two separate 2500w turbines, one capable of delivering up to 105 liters of air per second (despite which the noise does not disturb the dog), the other to modulate the heating. Designed for drying long-haired dogs, it is equipped with a hose extendable from 1m to 3m with two interchangeable tips.

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The Display

We decided to equip our Shower2PetHouses with a totem that only accepts electronic payments to discourage vandalism and theft. The totem boasts of a 32 inches where, thanks to a convenient and intuitive graphical interface, you can select each service you need. Each totem offers the possibility of inserting slots advertising.

shower2pet totem